• Monitor SE Series
    Persona Series
    "페르소나는 베릴륨 미드레인지와 트위터로 가장 깨끗한 소리를 내며, 경이로운 베이스는 우리를 또 한번 잠못 이루게 할 것이다"
    Prestige Series

    High Performance Audio - Crafted in Canada

    경이로운 퍼포먼스의 감동을 집에서도 즐길 수 있도록 ...

    PDR 100
    PDR 시리즈 서브 우퍼의 깨끗한 사운드와 임팩트 있는 깊은 베이스음은 음악과 영화감상에 최상의 사운드를 전달합니다. 우퍼에 사용된 High-power 엠프와 드라이버는 최대출력을 높여 고성능의 뛰어난 퍼퍼먼스를 선보...
    Signature ADP1
    5-driver, 3-way ultra-compact surround / rear
    SUB 1

    Hexagonal cabinet with multiple high-excursion drivers radially aligned in a Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture, patented built-in U...

    Cinema™ Trio

    On-wall left speaker & right speaker & center speaker; 7-driver, 3-channel, 2-way acoustic suspension: option to sit speaker on t...

    Cinema™ 200
    3-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension LCR on-wall with option to sit center speaker on a table or shelf with supports included
    SA-10R v.3
    2-driver, 2-way in-ceiling/in-wall, GRIP™ chassis/ mounting bracket
    Signature S6
    4-driver, 3-way floorstanding
    Rock Monitor™ 80-SM
    Single speaker system with stereo L/R inputs, 3-driver, 2 x 2-way coaxially mounted high-frequency drivers, weather, water, UV-resistant sea...

    2,550 watts Dynamic Peak Power / 850 watts RMS Continuous Sustained. Powers one or two Paradigm Reference custom subwoofers.

    Cinema™ 110 CT
    2 – Cinema 110 L/R | 1 – Cinema 110 C | 2 – Cinema ADP | 1 – Cinema 110 CT Subwoofer: 450 watts Dynamic Peak/150 wat...
    Signature C1
    4-driver, 3-way ultra-compact center channel
    Atom Monitor
    2-driver, 2-way bass reflex, quasi-3rd-order resistive port
    MilleniaOne™ 2.0
    2.0 Music and Home Theater System includes: 2 – MilleniaOne L/R speakers. (MilleniaSub sold separately)


Paradigm Shift

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